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Love Your Boyfriend
Advice on Love and Relationships

Love Your Boyfriend is an online guide for women: love and relationship advice, romantic tips and ideas and a resource for understanding men.

Relationship Advice

Get free relationship advice. Taking the time to understand men is important in creating a strong relationship.

But just as important in understanding men is to understand yourself as a woman. The only way that you will be happy in a relationship is if you are happy yourself. Learn to take care of yourself.

Problems will always exist in relationships, but making simple adjustments can help minimize your problems. Is he jealous or controlling? Have you been fighting a lot lately? Find new ways to approach your problems.

Learn how to say sorry or how to end a relationship. There are many reasons why relationships fail. Follow simple tips to keep your relationship strong.

Romantic Ideas: Show Your Love

Want to know a secret? You are reservoir of romantic ideas. It's true! But sometimes we just need some new ideas to get our creativity flowing.

In the Romantic Ideas section you will learn how to add romance to your love life. There are so many sweet and simple things that you can do to keep the love alive and juicy.

Learn how to write a love letter, send a sweet text message or kiss with your eyelashes. Or how about surprising him with a romantic date?

Discover how he truly feels about Valentine’s Day. This is one of the most romantic holidays of the year for a woman. Learn how to make it great for him too.

Send him a romantic text message with a romantic quote such as “My love for you is a journey; starting at forever, and ending at never.” There are so many sweet things to say to him that will brighten his heart. Check out all of our romantic ideas.

Understand Men

Most women would give anything to understand how men tick. Women want to be close and connected with their guy, and when it comes to matters of the heart, women need to lead the way. Learn what men want.

Taking time to understand men will help you create a solid relationship and eliminate common misunderstandings.

Gift Ideas

The Gift Ideas section gives you creative gift ideas for any and all special occasions: birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day, etc. Discover how to find the perfect gift for him. Homemade gifts are also much appreciated by men.


Nicknames are a cute form of affection. It shows that you are in love and have a close emotional bond. In this section you will find all kinds of nickname ideas.

Lots of Questions: Learn All About Him

In the Questions section you will find lots of good questions to ask your boyfriend. There are crazy questions, personal questions, and questions to ask if you are thinking about getting serious.

Dealing with a Breakup

Break ups can be difficult and so can dealing with an ex boyfriend. Whether you think you want to get your ex back, get over a relationship or heal a broken heart, this section will help you with your break up issues.

The Boyfriend Blog

This blog keeps you up to date on the latest additions to this website. New articles are posted all the time on love, relationship advice, and romantic ideas. Subscribe to the RSS feed to keep connected.

Expand Your Capacity to Love

Many people are in relationships purely for selfish reasons, but you can learn how to love unconditionally. See your relationship with your boyfriend as a medium for your own personal development and growth.

Whether you're looking for love, romance or commitment, you can create this for yourself and even go beyond what you thought was possible. What's needed is a commitment on your part to do the necessary work, a little bit of creativity, and clarity on what you want to create. All of these contribute to the beauty and excitement of being in the relationship of your dreams.


Love Your Boyfriend
Table of Contents

Expert Boyfriend Advice - Tips to Understand Men
Boyfriend advice for women. Learn to understand the man in your life. Create a happy relationship filled with love, fun and respect.
Romantic Ideas for Boyfriend - Create Juicy Moments and Melt His Heart
Looking for some romantic ideas for boyfriend? Want to make his heart melt, create a juicy moment, or simply let him know that you love him? It’s easy.
Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend: Get To Know Him More
Lots of questions to ask your boyfriend. Know him in a deeper way. Get to know what he is passionate about. Learn what makes him happy and sad. Discover his priorities and goals.
Homemade Gift Ideas For Boyfriend
More homemade gift ideas for boyfriend! Have fun making your boyfriend a memorable gift. Here are some ideas for you.
Birthday Gift Ideas and Boyfriend
So you're thinking about birthday gift ideas and boyfriend. This year instead of getting your boyfriend the traditional present wrapped with a bow, how about creating an experience he will never forget.
Free Love Relationship Advice: "Where can I find free online relationship advice?"
Free love relationship advice through the eyes of the internet. A compilation of resources dedicated to helping you have an amazing and happy relationship.
Solve Your Boyfriend Problems Now: Discover If You Are A Frog Farmer
Boyfriend Problems: Why is it that men are really great in the beginning? They pay lots of attention, they're really romantic, they listen, they bring you flowers, and they act like they care about your pets. Then, after a few weeks or a few months, they turn into sports-watching, pizza-eating, beer-belching couch slugs.
Boyfriend Girlfriend Quizzes: How Healthy Is Your Relationship With Your Boyfriend?
Boyfriend girlfriend quizzes can give you deep insight into your relationship. Quizzes give useful information to help you understand your boyfriend better, but it’s also important to take an honest look at your own behavior as well.
Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend – Ideas to Find the Perfect Nickname
If you are looking for nicknames to call your boyfriend that are little more original and specific to the two of you, here are a few different ways to find the perfect nickname.
Ex Boyfriend Advice: How To Get Back Together With Your Boyfriend
Wondering how to get back with your ex boyfriend? While you may be obsessing with how to get back with your boyfriend, what you need to be focusing on is rectifying the causes of failure.
Christmas Presents For Boyfriend: Gift Ideas For the Man's Man
Christmas presents for boyfriend ideas. If your boyfriend is into the typical man's stuff like tools, cars, dogs and beer, then this article will help you generate some ideas for Christmas. These kind of guys like gifts that are practical.

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