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"What to get a boyfriend for Christmas? I need help finding some creative gift ideas!"

There are so many creative gifts to get a boyfriend for Christmas. Is your boyfriend creative and artistic? Is he a big movie buff or music lover? If he is any of these, then this article will help you with some Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend.

Creative and unusual Christmas gifts

If your boyfriend leans toward the creative side of life there are so many Christmas gift ideas to choose from. Spuce up his existing surroundings with some creative touches.

How about getting him an art print skin for his laptop or iPod. GelaSkins are removable vinyl art prints that customize your portable devices. Make your boyfriend stand out from the crowd.

A hip wallet is also a cool gift to get a boyfriend for Christmas. There are wallets made out of recycled neckties or duct tape. There are wallets that look like bacon, airmail envelopes and comic books. If your boyfriend is into the unusual, getting him this creative and practical gift may be the perfect present this Christmas.

You can always make your boyfriend a present. Dazzle him with a homemade gift.

Christmas gifts for the movie buff

Get him a gift certificate to your local movie theatre or Fandango, but there may be the possibility that a gift certificate may seem impersonal. You be the judge of this one.

If you have money to spluge, you may want to get your boyfriend a home theatre system. Or how about a iRecord Personal Media Recorder? It records his favorite movies or TV shows directly to his iPod.

If your boyfriend has a lot of DVDs that are not labeled you may want to get him a thermal printer for custom DVD designs. Helping him create easy to identify DVDs with easy to read titles would make a great Christmas present for your boyfriend.

Christmas gifts for the music lover

Does your boyfriend have an iPod yet? Well if he is a serious music lover, this is definitely a gift to get a boyfriend for Christmas. You can also get him a pair of wireless headphones or noise cancelling headphones.

Does he go to a lot of concerts? Maybe you can make him a ticket stubb journal, a place where he can preserve and show off all of his concert ticket stubbs.

If he loves making mixes, get him the book called The Pocket DJ. It contains over two thousand songs and is the the ultimate insider's reference guide for selecting music, downloading MP3s, and making all-purpose mixes for every occasion imaginable.

Help keep your boyfriend up to date on the latest in the music industry by getting him a subscription to Rolling Stone or another music magazine that he loves.

When looking for the perfect gift to get a boyfriend for Christmas, just take some time to look at his interests. Most gift ideas can be found right inside his life. Good luck!


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