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Boyfriend Advice &
Tips to Understand Men

Boyfriend Advice Tip #1:

Let Men Be Men

Stop trying to feminize your boyfriend. You'll never make him more like you. Men and women were created differently for a reason. Take the time to discover the differences between men and women. Read a relationship book or take a workshop on understanding men. Definitely stop getting upset when your boyfriend acts "like a man". He has to. He's a man. Learn to appreciate his manliness.

Boyfriend Advice Tip #2:

Feed Him

When men are fed, men are happy. The old adage is true. The way to man's heart is through his stomach. Men love the women who cook for them because men feel cared for. You know how you feel when your boyfriend gives you flowers? Men feel this same way when a woman cooks for them. They feel taken care of. Even if you can't cook, just order out. The basic advice here is to feed him.

Boyfriend Advice Tip #3:

Leave Him Alone

Men need alone time. Give him time to hang out with his friends or just to do his own thing. They need their space, especially if you just had a fight. Just because he pulls away for a while doesn't mean he does not love you. Your boyfriend just needs time to sort things out.

Boyfriend Advice Tip #4:

Be Happy

The biggest gift you can give to your boyfriend is to be happy. That's all men want is for women to be happy. Fill your life with lots of things and activities that make you happy. Don't depend on your boyfriend to make you happy, your happiness comes from within yourself. When you are happy with yourself, you are able to love your boyfriend even more.

Definitely appreciate him when he does do something that makes you happy. This will encourage him to do it again.

Boyfriend Advice Tip #5:

Get Emotional Support from Women

Don't depend completely on your boyfriend for emotional support. Men are just as emotional as women but they process and express their emotions differently. When we women are feeling completely in the dumps, sometimes we need that emotional nurturing that we can only get from other women. Make sure you have a few close girlfriends that will be there for you when you really need them.

Boyfriend Advice Tip #6:

Listen to Him

If you ask your boyfriend a question, keep quiet until he finishes answering. Guys need time to think about their answers. His answers come in levels and you won't get his full answer if you jump in and ask him another question right away. A good rule of thumb is to wait 30 seconds. Get comfortable with silence.

Boyfriend Advice Tip #7:

Be Direct

If there is something that you need or want, ask your boyfriend directly. Hints do not work. Men are not mind readers. I know that we wish they were, but they are not. There is a greater chance of you getting what you want if you are direct with him. Complaining and criticizing are indirect ways of telling him what you want. These strategies don't work -- they get you ignored. Work with your boyfriend's natural instinct to provide. If you tell him what you need, he will most likely want to provide it for you.

And lastly...

Let Him Be Your Hero

Let your boyfriend help you. Many women these days are raised to be completely independent and to not need men. It is so common to hear women say, "I can do it myself." But your boyfriend can't contribute to you if you do everything yourself. Next time you need to lift a heavy box, ask him to help you. Or next time you need help with your taxes, ask him for assistance. Make sure you appreciate him generously for his help. Men need appreciation. So give your boyfriend a chance to provide for you and let him be your hero.

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