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Cute Boyfriend Pet Names:
Use Animals As Inspiration

Many boyfriend pet names use animal names. When you are so in love with your boyfriend and you think he is so cute, you just want to call him something that encapsulates all of that sweetness you see in him. There’s something about animals that are so adorable that many girlfriends use an animal as a pet name for their boyfriend.

The Bear

Bears are strong animals. It’s a perfect pet name for a guy. Sometimes a guy can have a very tough exterior but he is just a teddy bear inside.

The usage of the bear as a boyfriend pet name is quite popular among women. Some girlfriends just call their boyfriends “Bear,” but usually they add a little extra to make it more unique to their boyfriend. Here are some boyfriend pet names using the name bear:

  • Take your boyfriend’s first name and add Bear to the end: like Corey Bear or Johnny Bear.
  • Take a look at your boyfriend’s body. Is there something that stands out? If he has a hairy chest you can call him Fuzzy-Wuzzy Bear.
  • If your boyfriend loves to snuggle, you can call him Snuggle Bear or Cuddle Bear.
  • Some girlfriends call their boyfriend Honey. You can add Bear to the end making Honey Bear.
  • There are so many nicknames using bear variations. Try Boo Bear, Pooky Bear, My Squishy Bear, Panda Bear or Teddy Bear.

The Monkey

Monkeys are fun, loving, clever and cute. It is another animal used as a popular pet name for a boyfriend. Does your boyfriend act like a monkey or look like a monkey? Calling him a monkey may be the perfect nickname. Just using monkey will work, but you may want to add your own twist like Monkey-Butt, Monkey Poo, Monkey Head, My Sexy Lil Monkey, or Sugar Monkey.

Other Animals

Is your boyfriend like a quiet and fuzzy rabbit? Some girlfriends use the word bunny like Honey Bunny or Snuggle Bunny.

Chipmunks are so loveable and cute. Calling him Chipmunk may be the perfect nickname for him.

Bugs aren’t animals, they’re bugs of course. But they can make a sweet name for a boyfriend. You can call him Cuddle Bug, Snuggle Bug or Love Bug. Or maybe there is a specific bug that he is like. You can call him that.

Instead of calling him after a specific animal, you can merge the word animal with his name. For example: If his name is Dan, add -imal to the end of his name making him Danimal. If he is truly an animal, this is a funny nickname to call him.

What animal is your boyfriend like? Maybe he’s like a tiger, a puppy or a goose. Is he like a bear, monkey or bunny? Boyfriend pet names are best when they are simple and sweet. Make sure your boyfriend likes the nickname. If he squirms and grimaces this is a sign that he does not like it. This is no problem. Try a few nicknames out and see which one sticks. This is a pet name that may last a lifetime.


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