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Christmas Ideas for Boyfriend:
Gifts for the Outdoorsy Guy

Generate some "christmas ideas for boyfriend" with this article devoted to the outdoor lover. Would you consider your boyfriend an adventuer, field and stream guy, or a man's man? Check out some of these ideas below and you may find the perfect christmas gift for your boyfriend.

The outdoor man

If your boyfriend is into the outdoors there are so many gift ideas available. If he's into camping or hiking you can get him a cool tent or a backpack. A handheld GPS for outdoor activities would even make a man's man squeal with delight. A survival kit for your outdoor adventurer would make a great gift too.

Gifts for the grill master

Maybe he's into grilling or tailgaiting. A BBQ grilling tool set, BBQ sauce, or a brand iron for your grill master boyfriend may be perfect gift ideas. One of those Beer & Booze Holsters would make a hilarious and memorable gift as well.

Gifts for the golfer

Is your boyfriend a golfing fanatic? There are so many golfing gift ideas out there. How about a digital scorcard, a gps for golfers, or some personalized novelty golf balls?

Christmas ideas for boyfriend:
Gifts for the adventurer

A boyfriend that is an adventurer may be hard to buy for, but instead of buying him a 'gift' you can get him a gift of experience. Take him on a hand gliding adventure, or rent a Harley for the day.

Jump out of a plane together or take him hiking for the weekend. Maybe you can give him a stock car driving experience. There are a lot of companies that specialize in creating experience gifts. They can help you find the perfect experience gift for your boyfriend.

Gift ideas for the sports fan

Most men are into sports. Getting him tickets to the next game would make a great Christmas gift. How about some sports memorabilia or a personalized jersey?

Anything with his team's logo on it would be great, but remember most guys like things that are practical, so get him a sweatshirt, baseball cap, or t-shirt. He can celebrate his team while wearing one of your Christmas presents.

Christmas gift ideas for active men

Some men are really into working out. These are the "active men" types. You are not going to see these guys drinking beer on the couch all weekend. No way.

These kind of guys are up at dawn taking a jog or going for a swim. You can always see them at the gym lifing weights and pumping iron. They take their workout seriously and are committed to their health.

A high tech sports watch so he can time himself or a digital pedometer would make great Christmas presents for your boyfriend. Or what about some workout clothes in his favorite colors? Can he use some new sweatpants or sneakers? All these would make great gifts.

Gifts for the field and stream boyfriend

Does your boyfriend love going fishing or hunting with the guys? Well then, maybe getting him some equipent would make the perfect gift. How about a fish-finding sonar wristwatch or gadget?

A headlamp would also make a great gift. Men love having those around. They are so practical.

Gift for the lazy boyfriend

Maybe he's just into being lazy outdoors. Then a relaxing hammock chair would be a great gift.

If this article was not enough and you want to find more "christmas ideas for boyfriend," check out more Christmas gift ideas below:


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