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Feminize Boyfriend?

Feminize Boyfriend? Really?

So you want to know how to feminize your boyfriend. First, let's consider exactly what you want to change. Your boyfriend is probably doing all sorts of things wrong. He's not really that intimate. He doesn't express his feelings enough. He doesn't listen... not like your girlfriends do. He doesn't even know your needs. It's going to take some work to change your boyfriend!

feminize boyfriend

OK, let's get started. The #1 rule with feminizing your boyfriend is to:

Stop trying to feminize your boyfriend.

One: It won’t work.

Two: He will get pissed off and resent you.

Three: It will push him away.

Four: You will never have intimacy.

Sure, you can demand your boyfriend have better relationship skills, produce more intimacy, and openly express his feelings... but he'll just feel criticized and annoyed by your demands.

Complaining to him that you wish he could listen to you like your girlfriends do will just leave him bewildered and confused. Expecting him to be your perfect soul mate that magically knows all of your needs will have him feel hopeless.

In fact, trying to feminize him will only leave him feeling emasculated. And when a man feels emasculated he doesn't become more sensitive, he becomes combative.

Since you're attacking him, you'll be the enemy. It makes sense when you think about it: Intimacy is not possible with a man when you're trying to cut off his balls.

If you want an amazing relationship with your boyfriend you need to appreciate him as a man.

I know this may be a radical thought in our culture, but men are awesome just the way they are.

I wouldn’t like it if my boyfriend was trying to “masculize” me. I am a woman and I am feminine. I cannot be any other way. In the same way, men are masculine. Let’s stop robbing them of their essential masculinity.

Feminize Boyfriend? Why did you want to be with your boyfriend in the first place? Because you thought he was HOT. Were you not attracted to his masculinity? Of course you were! You were looking for a testosterone-charged lover, not an estrogen-filled cream puff.

feminize boyfriend

Feminize Boyfriend?

The boyfriend that goes along with your perpetual henpecking will eventually turn into a wimp. No woman finds a wimp attractive. Personally, I like it when my boyfriend stands up to me instead of letting me walk all over him. I want him to be strong in himself.

If you need some femininity, then go hang out with your girlfriends. It’s that simple. Let your boyfriend be a man and he will love you so much more for doing that.

Men love women. They love our femininity. Women bring beauty, comfort and nurturing to a relationship. These traits are invaluable to men.

So why as women do we put so much attention on trying to feminize our boyfriends?

The problem is that women assume that men are supposed to take the lead in relationships- but this is not true. Women hold the key to success in relationships.

If you are waiting for your boyfriend to give you what you want, then you are going to have to wait a really long time.

You see, women lead the way in matters of the heart. As a woman you are very powerful and you get to make things better in your relationship if you want to. You don’t have to wait for him.

Whatever you want to create in your relationship you can have it. Just bring it to the table. If you want more affection, then be more affectionate. If you want more romance, be more romantic. If you want more intimacy, then be more intimate.

Your boyfriend will mirror your actions and will return your positive energy. Treat him the way you want to be treated.

feminize boyfriend

Feminize Boyfriend?

I know this sounds really simple, but it works. Whenever I find myself falling into resentment towards my boyfriend he immediately picks up on it and starts closing off to me and even ignores me.

When I start to notice him closing off to me I take it as a sign that I was closed off to him. At that point I start to shift gears. I let go of my resentment. I say something sweet to him. I make him some dinner and by the end of the night he is open and sharing with me again.

Men have an instinctive need to provide. My boyfriend wants to do anything he can to make me happy. He buys me flowers. He rubs my feet. He takes me on nice trips. He wants to provide these things for me because he knows it makes me happy.

But if I ever start trying to feminize him, he starts protecting himself and keeping his distance. I can see it immediately.

Take full responsibility for the success of your relationship. Yes, complaining about your boyfriend is easier, but it won't get you what you want. Belittling your boyfriend only belittles you. You will experience your true power when you put down your sword, end this fruitless battle with your boyfriend, and start loving fully.

Feminize boyfriend? The best way to “feminize” your boyfriend is to feminize yourself. Drop your ego, and start being affectionate, loving and tender. After some time he will soften up to you and will smother you with the best he has to offer. Stop trying to change your boyfriend, just change yourself. It's a lot easier.

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