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Homemade Boyfriend Gift Ideas

Ready for some homemade boyfriend gift ideas? You know how special you feel when you receive a homemade gift? "Wow, I must be really important to this person." Well you can make your boyfriend feel that way by making him a homemade gift. Here are some ideas:

Make Him a Homemade Dinner

Ladies, it is true, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. A man feels loved and cared for when a woman cooks for him. Surprise him with a candlelight dinner. Make his favorite meal. Have it all be about him. Make sure that every dish is something that will make his mouth water. Even if you think he should eat a salad because it is healthy, ditch the salad for the night if he does not like them. Don't forget to make a delicious dessert too.

homemade boyfriend gift ideas

If for some reason you cannot cook, go to the local high-end grocery store and get some pre-made foods that you can heat up in the oven. Then place the food in dishes so it has the homemade feel. No need to lie to him and have him think you cooked it if you didn't. He will appreciate all the effort either way.

Create a Homemade Mini-Film

This is a great homemade boyfriend gift idea because everyone likes a documentary made about them. I used Windows Movie Maker to make a one year anniversary gift for my boyfriend. I collected all the pictures we took over the previous year and organized them in date order. I organized them in a way that created an old fashioned movie effect. I added the song "Such Great Heights" by Iron and Wine which gave it a real sweet and loving feel. I also overlaid some loving messages throughout the video.

He was out of town on our anniversary so I posted it on YouTube and sent him a link. He absolutely loved it. He felt so special. He shared it with all of his friends and family and even posted it on his Facebook profile. It's such a great gift because a documentary is a piece of your life that you can watch over and over again. I made this for our anniversary so it featured us as a couple, but you could also make a film just about him and how awesome he is. This would be a great birthday gift.

Make a Homemade Coupon Book

My boyfriend is easy when it comes to gifts. The two things that make him happiest are food and sex. All men are like this. If they are eating good food and having sex they are happy. They really don't need much more. I kept these two things in mind, but in the end I decided to give him a sexy coupon book. I told him that he could present me with a coupon whenever he wanted (as long as we were not in public!)

I was a little nervous giving this to him because what if he gave it to me when I wasn't in the mood. But I decided that if he would present me with the coupon I would get myself in the mood because this is the present that I chose to give him AND I knew it would make him happy. When I presented him with the coupon book the look on his face was priceless. He looked like a little boy who just won a million dollars. At that moment I knew that this was the perfect gift.

He was so sweet when he would present me with one of the coupons. He was excited but also a little shy about it. He was so cute. Before he presented me with the last coupon he scanned it and saved the image in his computer so he could always remember it.

This is a great Valentine's Day gift for your boyfriend. You can put it on your list for great birthday gifts too. This homemade boyfriend gift idea will be a real hit with him... trust me.

Homemade Cookies

Men LOVE food, so making cookies is a great homemade boyfriend gift idea. Find out what his favorite cookies are and make a HUGE batch. Place them in a nice box, place a ribbon around it and add a note that says, "Homemade with Love."

For an extra surprise you can drop them off at his work. All of his co-workers will think that you are the best girlfriend ever. And he will too, of course!

This is a great gift for a new boyfriend or for someone you have been dating for years. Actually you can add this to your list of boyfriend gift ideas for his birthday, graduation, Valentine's Day or Christmas. Cookies are a great present for any reason. Put all your love into those cookies. He will feel it!

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