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Homemade Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

More homemade gift ideas for boyfriend! Have fun making your boyfriend a memorable gift. Here are some ideas for you:

Wooden Face Wristwatch
Make a $7 watch look like a $1000 watch! It takes a bit of prep work but you'll end up with a very MANLY watch that he will treasure. Type "wooden faced wrist watch instructions" into Google and you'll find instructions super easy.

Literary Clock
Transform your boyfriend's favorite book into a clock. It's simple and fun. All you will need is a hardcover copy of the book and a clock set. Literary clock instructions can easily be found on the internet.

homemade gift ideas for boyfriend

Homemade Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

Fleece Blanket
Making a fleece blanket is easy. It's a practical and sweet gift. Fleece blanket instructions can be found readily throughout the internet.

Make a Laptop Bag
Laptops can cost a lot of money. Help your boyfriend protect his laptop with a homemade laptop bag. There are so many different types of materials you can use: jeans, old hooded sweatshirt, military fabric, or neoprene! Laptop bag instructions can easily be found on the web.

Homemade Meal and a Bottle of Wine
If your boyfriend is always on the go give him a bottle of wine with an IOU for a home-cooked meal.

homemade gift ideas for boyfriend

Homemade Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

Cookie Jar
Buy a big glass cookie jar and fill it with homemade cookies made by you! Refill it once a month.

Favorite Coffee
Buy a pound of his favorite coffee. Make little individually-wrapped packages of the ground coffee for him to take to work. Little zip lock bags will work. Wrap each one with a ribbon and a cute note.

Rice crispie treats
Make your boyfriend a pan of rice crispie treats. Place in a nice box with a little note. Easy, fun and delicious!

Movie Night Package
Put together a gift certificate to a video store, a microwave bucket of popcorn, canned nuts, soda & some candy.

Make Him Laugh with a Knit Condom
Are you "nuts" about knitting? Well then, try out this funny homemade gift for your boyfriend. Keep his little, uh I mean, BIG friend warm this winter with his very own knit condom. Click here for more info.

Homemade Bracelet
Make him a manly bracelet. A paracord bracelet with a side release buckle is a macho choice. A motherboard PCB bracelet is great for your computer nerd boyfriend. You can even make a bracelet out of leather.

Duck Tape Wallet
You can make anything out of duck tape these days. I even heard of a girl that made her prom dress out of duck tape! Give your boyfriend this uniquie homemade gift. Instructions are easily found on the internet.

homemade gift ideas for boyfriend

Homemade Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

Pie of the Month Club
If your boyfriend is a pie lover, present him with a homemade pie and a certificate to the "Pie of the Month" Club. He is the only member of course. Being a member of this special club entitles him to a year of homemade pies. Your certificate can say, "You are entitled to one pie of your choice each month. Two days notice required and must consider fruits in season." Put each month on the edge of the certificate and an expiration date for each pie.

Tile Picture
This is a cool way to turn a photo into a work of art. All you really need is a photo, computer and some tiles. Click here for tile picture instructions.

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