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Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend: Ideas to Find the Perfect Nickname

Looking for nicknames to call your boyfriend? Nicknames are a cute form of affection between you and your boyfriend. It shows that you are in love and have a close emotional bond.

Some common nicknames are: Babe, Honey, Sweetheart, Hun, Darling, Pumpkin, Cutie, Dear, Dearest, Love, Angel, Sugar, Baby, and Boo.

But you may be looking for nicknames to call your boyfriend that are little more original and specific to the two of you. Here are a few different ways to find the perfect nickname:

Go to him for inspiration

The easiest way to find nicknames to call your boyfriend is to refer to his physical characteristics, personality, lifestyle choices or a specific action he does. What does he look like? Is there anything that stands out? If he is really tall you can call him "Tall Boy." Perhaps you see him as a strong person or leader; you can call him "My Lion." I know one girl who calls her boyfriend "Baboon" because of his skinny Irish butt.

Is there something that he repeatedly does? Does he sniffle a lot due to allergies? You could call him "Sniffy." If he likes to cuddle, then you can call him "Cuddle Bearz."

When these nicknames are said in a very sweet voice it can be just the right nickname that melts his heart and has him feel so loved by you. You know it’s a good nickname when it just sticks.

Call him a cute pet name from a movie

Did a character in a movie you just saw call someone a cute pet name? What did the main female character call her boyfriend? You can start calling him that nickname. Or maybe you can just call him the character’s name. In the movie Legally Blonde they used the nickname "Poohbear". That would be a cute and silly nickname to call your boyfriend. You could also call him "Sexy Beast" from Austin Powers.

Find a nickname in a Romance language

Calling him a nickname in a Romance language like Spanish, Italian or French can be fun and romantic. "Mi angel" means my angel in Spanish. In French, "cheri" translates into dearest. "Bellissimo" means handsome in Italian.

Or maybe you’d prefer German, Russian or Chinese nicknames to call your boyfriend. It doesn’t matter which language you choose just as long as he likes to be called that nickname and he feels loved by you.

Name him after a famous Jazz man

Jazz musicians have some great nicknames. Sometimes these musicians were known exclusively as their nickname. From "Baby Sweets" to "Swee' Pee" you’re bound to find a jazz musician nickname that will suit your boyfriend.

It’s all in the ending…add a "Poo" or "Roo"

You can drop the final one or two letters of his first name and add ether ie-ee-y as an ending. For example: Steve to Stevie or Mark to Marky. Then you can add a cute ending like "Poo" or "Roo."

I know of a woman that calls her boyfriend "Ally-Poo" because his name is Alan and one day she started to call him "Ally." Then she just added a "Poo" to make "Ally-Poo."

Take the name Andrew. You can shorten it to Andy and then add a "Roo" to the end. Then you have "Andy-Roo." You can also add "Kin" or "Cakes" to the end of your boyfriend’s name. Examples: "Chris-E-Kin" and "JohnnyCakes." Adding one of these endings can be the perfect way to create a cute nickname for your boyfriend.

The important thing to remember when trying out nicknames to call your boyfriend is to make sure he likes it. If you can tell he doesn’t like the nickname, it’s best to try another one and see which one finally sticks. There are so many possible nicknames to choose from. Find one that makes both of you happy.


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