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Romantic Date Ideas
for You and Your Boyfriend

romantic date ideas, boyfriend

Try out these fun and romantic date ideas with your boyfriend. Romance can be created anywhere. Infuse your own creativity and love with one of these date ideas. This is the perfect recipe for a unique and memorable date with your boyfriend.

Romantic date ideas

Play around in a costume shop. Be a kid again. When you first walk into a costume shop you are literally surrounded by racks of costumes. They have wigs, makeup, jewelry and masks. Take your boyfriend and a camera and have fun trying on costumes. Dress up as Ozzy Osborne, a pirate or a princess. Be any superhero you have ever wanted to be. Try on a pair of bright yellow go-go boots or be one of the presidents. Enact scenes from your favorite movies and stories. Make sure to giggle and take lots of pictures.

Go to the famous make out spot in town. This is a fun and silly thing to do with your boyfriend. Ask around and find out where all the teenagers go to make out. Now go and take your boyfriend.

Take an informal class. Have you always wanted to learn the Two-Step or how to paint with acrylics? What about Kendo, the art of Japanese Fencing? Or how about learning to speak Russian or Persian? Pick one of the hundreds of informal classes offered at your local community college. Sit down with your boyfriend and circle the classes in the brochure that look enjoyable and fascinating. You both may need to step out of your comfort zone a bit. Be open to being a beginner at something again. Find a class that you are both excited about and then register. Learning something together will be fun and you’ll also be able to show off your new skills to your friends.

Fun and romantic date ideas

Go on a dessert date. Locate the most delicious desserts in town by asking your friends, looking on the internet or by reading the newspaper. Find award winning desserts or the ones that everyone raves about. They can usually be found in fine restaurants, bakeries, or coffee shops. Find the dessert that makes both of you go! Make sure to just order one dessert and ask for two spoons.

Go out to a romantic restaurant. Find all the romantic restaurants in town. Do a search on the internet. Type in the name of your town and the keywords "romantic" and "restaurant". See which restaurants pop up for your town. Jot down which ones look interesting to you. Next time your boyfriend asks you where you would like to go to dinner, now you will have a list of restaurants ready to choose from.

Go on a art date. Enjoy an afternoon at the local art museum. As you look at the art share with each other what you like about each piece. Make up stories about the different pieces of art. Have fun. Have it be a time of learning about each other.

Romantic date ideas:
Have a sweet moment with your boyfriend

romantic date ideas, boyfriend

Go swimming. Swimming is a sensual and fun thing to do together. Go to the closest pool, ocean, lake or river and swim, swim, swim away!

Take a nature lovers getaway. Go for a hike. This is a free and fantastic way to spend a beautiful day. Fill a backpack with some snacks and water and head into the woods. Hold hands and talk about your lives.

Visit a bookstore. Wander through the store and see where the two of you are pulled. You can learn a lot about your boyfriend when you see which sections of the bookstore he is drawn to. Stumble upon a life altering book and read it together in one of the cozy corners. Make sure to take a fantasy vacation in the travel section by picking out some books and plan out a dream vacation together.

Wander through botanical gardens. A botanical garden is peaceful oasis of greenery. They are romantic in a most subtle way, with plenty of inviting nooks and secret crannies in which to steal kisses. This is a great place to go for an afternoon stroll and hold hands as you explore the different gardens. Find a secluded bench in which you can sit and chat. You can even plan ahead and go prepared with the ingredients for a romantic picnic.

More romantic date ideas

Try a new food together. There are so many international restaurants to choose from: Japanese, Ethiopian, Mediterranean, Brazilian, Thai, etc. Even if you are both scared, GO! It will be fun to try something new together. You will never forget the experience.

Go canoeing. Sunny and warm days are great for canoeing. It is great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. Fill your backpack with plenty of snacks, drinks, and sunscreen and climb into a two person canoe. Make sure that you rent the canoe for unlimited hours so you can have the ride be leisurely. Canoeing goes easier when the physically stronger person sits in the back. Men usually have more upper body strength than women, so make sure your boyfriend sits in the back. It’s rejuvenating to spend the day on the water.

Take a cooking class. Learning how to cook a meal is an excellent way to spend time together. Learn something new (about each other too) and have a few laughs.

Unique and romantic date ideas

Listen to some jazz. Get into the world of jazz with your boyfriend and visit a jazz club. Jazz can be a sexy and sultry experience. Grab a cozy table for two and snuggle up next to each other as you take in the atmosphere.

Ride a bicycle built for two. Find a local bicycle shop that rents tandem bikes. Have fun exploring the town. Ride around randomly or plan out some destinations ahead of time. Maybe you can go to a few places that I mention in this article.

romantic date ideas, boyfriend

Visit the farmer’s market. Wander around the market hand in hand and search for your next meal. Look at all of the goodies and try to decide what kind of meal you could create together with what's available. It’s a relaxing and fun experience. Go early for the best selection. Bring cash. Take your goodies home and create a fun meal together.

Play a game of miniature golf this new way. Take this game to a new level and make it a date you will never forget by raising the stakes so that your boyfriend wins a gift for every time he makes Par or better on each hole! This will take a bit of advanced preparation but it will be worth it. Buy 18 small gifts (one for each hole of course). The dollar store is a great place to go for fun little gifts. Now wrap all the gifts and label each number 1 through 18. Put all the gifts in a gift bag and bring it on your date. Let him know that for each hole he makes par or better, he will get a prize! When he makes par, immediately let him open up the gift for that hole. Now you want to make sure he is able to win all the gifts, so prepare in advance a bonus card that states he automatically wins all the gifts if they beat you. Don’t give him this card until the end. This will take a lot of effort to pull off, but it will be worth it and add to the fun factor.

Romantic date ideas:
Create memories together

Go catch a play at a small black box theater. These theaters showcase unique and modern plays and the tickets are reasonably priced. These theaters are usually so small that there is not a bad seat in the house. It is an extremely small and intimate venue. You are so close to the actors it is like you are in the play along with them. Go out for some coffee after and chat about what you thought about the play.

Relax on a spa date. Did you and your boyfriend have very stressful week at work? Are you ready to be relaxed and nurtured? Surprise your date with a spa experience that will melt both of your tensions away. Spa packages can include a full body dry brush exfoliation treatment, an massage, a facial, a manicure and pedicure, hydrating body wrap and a hot steam towel treatment. You can also receive a hand hydration treatment , scalp massage and a foot scrub to make you feel new from head to toe. Mmmmmmmm, relaxation! There are very few things in life that will get you feeling the way you will feel after this experience. Enjoy each other’s presence. Don’t talk for a while. Just be.

Enjoy a romantic and beautiful sunset together. Typical places to find nice sunset views are cliffs, mountains, terraces, hilltops, beaches or rooftops. Grab some pre-made foods, a bottle of your favorite wine, a couple of glasses, and a blanket. Find a little cozy spot that both of you like. Put down your blanket. Feed your boyfriend food and hold hands as the sun goes down.

Romantic date ideas:
Romantic ideas for you and your boyfriend

Start the day with a romantic sunrise. Just like the sunset date mentioned above, typical places to find nice sunrise views are cliffs, mountains, terraces, hilltops, beaches or rooftops. Have some breakfast foods ready to go the night before, so all you have to do is grab and go.

Meet for a drink after work. Do some research and find a cool lounge or restaurant that has a romantic atmosphere. Call your boyfriend and ask him if he can meet you there after work for a drink. Give him detailed directions if he has never been there before. Unwind from the day and have a few laughs together.

Use these romantic date ideas on their own or you can mix and match a few of them together depending on how much time you have. Use these romantic date ideas to ignite your own romantic date ideas! Have fun.


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