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Romantic Ideas for Boyfriend: Unleash the Romantic Powers Within

Looking for some romantic ideas for boyfriend? How about some romantic date ideas? Make his heart melt, create a juicy moment, or simply let him know that you love him. It’s easy.

  • Step One: Get in tune with the love that you have for him.
  • Step Two: Allow yourself to be vulnerable.
  • Step Three: Reveal yourself to him.
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Want to know a secret? You are reservoir of romantic ideas. It's true! But from time to time, it's normal to feel like the romance is lacking. So how can you correct this? It's not a matter of trying to add romance so much as releasing blocks around your natural romantic powers within.

“Trying” to be romantic when you have unresolved blocks is like putting icing on a mud cake. Romance happens naturally when love is present and there's nothing in the way blocking it.

The best thing you can do to keep the romantic ideas flowing is to create a space of trust and openness between you and your boyfriend. Then you will always have access to the unlimited supply of romantic ideas within yourself. But how do you create or enhance "trust and openness"? One of the keys is vulnerability.

Men are attracted to women who allow themselves to be vulnerable. Revealing your vulnerabilities will create a mirror effect and encourage him to be naturally more vulnerable (and romantic) with you.

Coupled with your willingness to be vulnerable, here are some romantic ideas for your boyfriend that will get your own inner romantic powers flowing:

Romantic Ideas for Boyfriend

Whisper in His Ear– Create little romantic moments with your words. That little sentence you whisper in his ear will send tingles down his spine and light up his heart. Tell your boyfriend how attractive he is. He will love it when you tell him when he is handsome, or hot, or sexy. Even simple words like, ”You’re awesome” or “You’re the best,” go a long way to make him feel appreciated. There are so many sweet things to say to your boyfriend that will make him feel special and create romance.

Write a Message on the Mirror – Next time your bathroom mirror gets fogged up from a hot shower, write a message to him on the mirror. A simple, “I love you” or “You’re hot!” is a fun romantic idea for your boyfriend.

Take Him Out on a Romantic Date - Romantic Dates don't just have to be at a fancy restaurant with candles everywhere. You can create romantic moments in a canoe, in a book store or at the spa. There are so many places you can go to smother your boyfriend with romantic affections. Click here for a full list of romantic date ideas.

Romantic Ideas for Boyfriend

Write a Love Letter – Love letters are timeless. Throughout history, love letters have been the main form of love expression. Let him know how much he means to you and how much you appreciate him. Make it a real memorable letter. Start by going to the stationary store and get some nice paper and a fancy pen. There are so many different ways to approach writing a love letter to your boyfriend. The main thing is to express your love.

Surprise Him - Surprises are fun and romantic! Surprises create a memory that will last forever. They add spontaneity to your relationship. Pick up his favorite snack on the way home from work. Plan a weekend getaway. Get him tickets to game. Make his favorite meal. Send him a romantic text message. Whether it’s a big surprise or a small surprise, both will have him feel appreciated. There are so many ways to surprise your boyfriend.

Try a New Kiss - Kissing equals romance. Why not try a few new kisses on him? Ever hear of the King kiss or the Zorbit kiss? What about the Butterfly or the Un-kiss? Learn new ways to kiss your boyfriend. Surprise him with an unexpected kiss.

Romantic Ideas for Boyfriend

Lipstick Kiss - Smother on some red lipstick and press your lips onto the surface of your choice leaving him a kiss to remember you by. His bathroom mirror? His rear view mirror or the driver side window? Make sure it is the perfect place where he will see.

Create a “Reasons I Love My boyfriend” List – How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Let Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poem inspire your list. Think of all the things you love about him. Write down everything from his smile to the way he ties his shoes. After you have finished your "reasons I love my boyfriend" list, write it out on a peice of paper, or send it to him in an email, or your can even create a blog or a webpage devoted just to him.

Give Him a Nickname – Another romantic idea is to create a cute nickname or pet name for him. You need to make sure that he likes being called this nickname. My boyfriend and I call each other “Panda.” We even did research on what a panda sounds like and we make that noise to each other as a way of saying, “I love you.” He also calls me fuzz ball, Velcro, Babe-skis, Sugar tush….

Romantic Ideas for Boyfriend

Make Something Homemade - Do you like making crafts? Put your talent towards creating some romantic boyfriend crafts. How about a card or a collage of pictures? Making something homemade will tell him how much you care about him. He will feel loved and when someone feels loved, romance is right there waiting around the corner.

These were just a few romantic ideas for boyfriend. Did they awaken any of your own inner romantic powers within? Get creative and allow yourself to be vulnerable.


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