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Scorpio Boyfriend

What are some of the best things a Scorpio boyfriend has to offer to a relationship?
Loyalty, emotional connection and empathy.

Why  is the Scorpio man such a mystery?
They're very secretive by nature, and hate anyone understanding them on a deep level.

scorpio boyfriend

What is the best way to get to know the Scorpio man?
They're really the hardest sign to get to know, and you could spend a lifetime trying and still not get to the bottom of them. Their air of mystery is an intrinsic part of who they are, and not something that love, understanding or anything else can change.

Scorpios are known for being highly jealous. What makes them this way?
There are really two aspects to this. The first is that Scorpio guys tend to be very volatile – they often enjoy a certain level of emotional conflict.

The second is that they want someone 100% and really aren't big on any form of sharing of attention. A lot of Scorpio guys see a partner's need for interaction with others (particularly of the opposite sex) as an indirect form of betrayal. It therefore kills two birds for them to prod at and pick fights in this area.

Is there anything a woman can do to ease his jealous nature?
Being open and upfront will help, though it won't solve the problem altogether.

What are the common mistakes that women make with their Scorpio boyfriends?
Having male friends, lying to them, and not taking sex seriously enough on an emotional level. Pretty much in that order.

What can a woman do to have her Scorpio boyfriend feel truly loved? How does a Scorpio man like to be appreciated?
Scorpio is a highly sexual sign, so the politically correct answer is far different, but the reality is things such as crying after sex and saying his name during will mean more to him than anything else. He wants to own your soul, and that’s the easiest way to demonstrate that point in an emotional context.

How can a woman have her Scorpio boyfriend reveal his secrets to her?
Hah. Drug him with a truth serum. Much less than that probably won't work.

Are there certain astrological signs that are MOST compatible with the Scorpio man?
Yes, Cancer and Pisces are the most compatible, though several others such as Leo or Virgo work well. Each will bring out a different side of the Scorpio man, so a relationship with a Leo for example would be radically different from Cancer, and the preference of each partner would determine which is "better."

Some people prefer some conflict to keep a relationship interesting, and that’s often the case with Scorpio, so while technically they’re most in tune with Cancer or Pisces, in practice they often prefer someone slightly less compatible, as backwards as that sounds. Whether the other partner feels the same way of course remains to be seen...

scorpio boyfriend

What is a woman in for when she is dating a Scorpio man?
Emotional intensity. Whether she loves it or hates it, it will probably be one of her most memorable relationships.

What advice would you give to women regarding the Scorpio man's sexuality?
It's going to be powerful, and it's going to be real. While other signs can sometimes be more passionate or more romantic, they don't have the emotional intensity.

Regarding "real" in this context, Scorpios have an enormous capacity to handle the taboo and unusual. Unlike many signs they're not prim or proper. Tell a Scorpio "hey lets have sex, here in the mud" and they'll be down with it.

What are some things that a Scorpio boyfriend would love for his girlfriend to do for him?
Overall anything which provokes a strong emotional reaction (in her, not him). Typically Scorpio men are fairly experimental, and the reason why is because they're looking for the things which most turn their partner on.

Most Scorpios enjoy bondage, in the dominant role. It's worth making the distinction that it’s the control and "ownership" aspect which excites them, and not the kinkiness per se.

How does a Scorpio man like to be honored?
This is a very sexual sign, so by far the easiest route would be sexually, such as via the above.

Are there certain modes of communication that are more effective with the Scorpio male?
What are the best ways for a woman to communicate effectively with her Scorpio boyfriend? Keep it real, be open and be honest. They'll typically know when a woman is lying, and that level of intuition often surprises women, as most guys just don't have it.

What kind of woman is the Scorpio man looking for?
Someone genuine, open and ready to commit 100%. Any less than that and a partner will see a very different side of Scorpio. They're highly intuitive, so don't think about fooling them for very long – they're like human lie detectors in this respect.

Anything else you would like to add about the Scorpio boyfriend?
Mainly that they tend to be "all or nothing" lovers, and overall better suited to long term relationships than one night stands or casual sex, unless it’s made very clear upfront that that's all that's on offer.

A big thank you to for answering all of my questions about the Scorpio boyfriend. Compatible Astrology features articles on star sign compatibility, with scores and rankings for sexual chemistry, communication and compatibility.

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