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Sweet Names for Your Boyfriend:
Get Romantic with a Romance Language

Find some sweet names for your boyfriend in a Romance language. The most widely spoken Romance languages are Spanish, French, and Italian. What can be more romantic than calling your boyfriend a sweet nickname in a foreign tongue?

Sweet names for your boyfriend in French

Have you ever wondered what you would call your boyfriend if you were French? You probably wouldn’t call your boyfriend "sweetheart" (doux couer) since that would translate as "heart soft." You could however call him, "cheri," which means something more like "dearest." Closer to sweetheart would be "mon petit chou," (my little cabbage). That’s what they actually call their loved ones in France!

You can also call your boyfriend "renarde" which means "fox." If you want to call him "darling" in French refer to him as "chouchoute." "Ange" means angel. "Bien-Aimée" means beloved. These are sweet things to say to your boyfriend.

Sweet names for your boyfriend in Spanish

The Spanish language is full of sweet nicknames for your boyfriend. The most common and basic Spanish nicknames are "mi amor" (my love) and "mi precioso" (my precious one). If he is a strong leader call him "mi león" (my lion) or "mi rey" (my king). If he is kind and unselfish call him "mi corazón" (my heart) or "mi angel" (my angel).

Is he "your everything?" Then call your boyfriend "mi vida" which means my life. If your boyfriend is cute and fuzzy you can call him "osito" which means little bear. "Amorcito" means little love. Calling him "chiquito" would be a sweet name for your boyfriend. It means cute little thing.

You can also use the loving "ito" form of his name (and add 'precioso' after it). If his name is John, you can call him "Johnito precioso."

Sweet names for your boyfriend in Italian

The Italian language is considered to be the language of love. Knowing some sweet Italian names can be very useful when you're trying to romance your boyfriend.

The most common Italian pet name are "amore" which means love, "amore mio," which means my love or my soulmate, and "tesoro" which means dear or treasure (but it´s not intended as a possessive thing).

"Dolce come il miele" means honey bunch. "Pasticcino" means cupcake. "Cucciolo mio" means my puppy. "Topolina" literally means little mouse.

Want to just call your boyfriend "honey," "darling" or "baby"? Italian has words for those sweet nicknames as well. "Dolcezza" translates to honey and "ciccino" means darling. "Bambino" means baby.

What if your boyfriend is the light of your life? You can call him "luce della mia vita." If he is super handsome call him "bello."

And of course, "ti amo" means I love you and I want to be with you forever and have 800 babies with you and if you ever left me I'd never get over it because you are the one and only perfect boyfriend for me. One does NOT say this sweet name lightly.

Try out one of these sweet names in the middle of the night when you are snuggling close to your boyfriend. Whispering sweet nicknames in his hear at random moments will melt his heart.


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