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Ways to Kiss Your Boyfriend:
Surprise Him With an Unexpected Kiss

There are so many ways to kiss your boyfriend! I was sick once for over a month. During that time my boyfriend didn’t kiss me on the lips because he wanted to make sure that he didn’t get sick too.

Even though I understood his reasoning, it was still difficult to go without kisses on the lips. During that month of being “kiss-less” I fantasized about kissing. Here is a playful list kisses I created during that difficult "kiss-less" time, but if you need to learn how to kiss, check out Kissing 101.

Silly Ways to Kiss Your Boyfriend

  • Beebs Kiss – Kiss your boyfriend super fast all over his face. Use quick, soft kisses.
  • Butterfly Kiss – Get your eye really close to your boyfriend’s cheek and blink your eyes really fast. This creates a tickle sensation on his face. You can also give him butterfly kisses on his lips, ears and neck.
  • French Kiss – One of the basic ways to kiss your boyfriend. Lot’s of tongue and lots of lips.
  • The Peck – Surprise your boyfriend with a quick little peck on the cheek. It’s perfect for when you are in public or when you are with your families. It lets him know you love him with causing too much attention.
  • Zorbit Kiss – This is a playful kiss. Push into your boyfriend’s cheek and blow out a bunch of air creating a “fart” noise. It can be ticklish. Also try it in the nape of his neck or on his tummy.
  • The King – Pretend your boyfriend is a king. Start it off on your knees bowing to your royal partner. Grab his hand and kiss it. Remember how they do it in the movies? Do it like that. Make sure to adore him with words of praise.
  • Blind Folded – Get your bandana and tie it over his eyes. Tell him you are going to practice kissing on him. Try out some (or all) of the kisses on this list. You can also blindfold yourself for extra fun.
  • Back of the Neck – Kiss your boyfriend on the back of his neck. Throw a little teeth nibbling in there for good measure.
  • Ear Nibbles – Nibble on this most tender and sensitive part of your boyfriend. Use your lips and a little bit of teeth. This can be a sweet and gentle kiss or a hot and steamy passionate one. It’s your call.

Fun Ways to Kiss Your Boyfriend

  • Fast 100 – Have your lips go into super warp speed and cover his face with your super girl love. Count to 100 in your head. Finish it off saying, “100 kisses just for you.”
  • On the Forehead – Kiss your boyfriend oh so tenderly on the forehead. Go very slowly end gently. This is a perfect kiss to give before falling asleep at night.
  • Nibble on His Lip – Pretend his lips are a piece of fruit and you need to eat the little remaining pieces off.
  • Fishy Kiss – Both of you need to suck in your cheeks and make fishy lips. Pretend you are little fishes when your lips touch.

Creative Ways to Kiss Your Boyfriend

  • The Un-Kiss - Lean in real close with your lips and pretend to give a sensual kiss but tease him by pulling away. Let your lips get so close that your breath falls on his lips. Remember to pull away before he can kiss you. This will drive him crazy.
  • The “I love you” – Say, “I” then kiss him on the lips. Say, “love” then kiss him on the lips. Then say, “you” and kiss him on the lips. This is a cute way to say “I love you.”
  • The Pouty Open Mouth – Keep your mouth open and relaxed. Go in to kiss him but keep your lips relaxed. Nudge your lips into his and pull way. Gently touch his lips with yours.
  • Stealth Kiss – Next time he is lying on his back, position your head about two feet away from his head. Pretend you are a plane that is falling from the sky. Fly in super fast for a kiss on his lips then pull back to the original position. Do this a few times. Make sure to have control with this one. There is a high probability of teeth crashing with this one.
  • The Goodnight Kiss – Give him one kiss on forehead, then one on nose, then one on his lips.
  • Eskimo Kiss – Rub your noses together so softly and tenderly. Do this for at least 30 seconds.
  • Bow Down – Kiss his feet. Honor him.
  • Vacuum– Pretend your mouth is a vacuum. Press your lips against his cheek and suck in a little bit of air. Vacuum his whole face and lips with this type of kiss. These kisses should be light and fun. You don’t want suck out his pores!

Kissing 101

There are so many ways to kiss your boyfriend. Learn more tips and techniques like these in the book, Kissing 101. You’ll learn step-by-step methods for becoming a fantastic kisser.

It’s completely illustrated, so there’s no way you can go wrong! Avoid rejection by learning the signals that tell you to go or not go for a kiss. Become an expert in body language: interpret how your boyfriend responds to your kiss with my handy guide.

Whether you want to learn how to French kiss or what it would be like to kiss with a tongue ring, this complete guide to kissing tips and techniques has the answers! You will learn so many ways to kiss your boyfriend. For more information click here!


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