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"Where Did I Go Wrong? My Boyfriend Just Stopped Calling."

So, after dating “Mr. Right” for several months, you thought you had found your “forever man,” your “knight in shining armor.” You loved the same food, laughed at the same jokes and were great together in bed. You were positive he was going to say the “L” word at any moment.

Then, suddenly, he stopped calling. At first you were shocked, then sad and then angry. You can’t believe you were so naïve, so easy. And you can’t stop replaying the whole scenario in your mind and asking, "Where did I go wrong?"

What should you have done differently?

And most of all, how could he do this to you?

You try to remember your last date, the last time you made love and the last conversation. You continue to ask yourself over and over, “was I too needy, were my breasts too small, or my thighs too big? Was I not a good enough lover, not attentive enough, too old or too young?” You keep asking yourself, "Where did I go wrong?" And you go on and on until you think you may be going insane.

You call your girlfriends and hash it over and over until you just can’t stand yourself anymore, and your girlfriends are tired of hearing about it too. But all of you agree that it wasn’t you. You are beautiful, smart and funny.

So, if it wasn’t you, then the issues must have been with him. Yes, he must have some sort of psychological issues, or perhaps he is a drug addict. Maybe the Mafia is after him, or he’s gay. Yes, that must be it.

After all, he seemed so sensitive and he enjoyed romantic movies, didn’t he? Then you decide he’s not gay, so it must have been that he was married and separated from his wife. Yes, married with three children who needed him.

You call your girlfriends back to go over these new scenarios, over and over and over. If he’s not married, you discuss the possibilities of trying to get him back. Should you call him, show up at his work or follow him?

You decide not to give in because you desperately want him back, or at least want to know why he dumped you. You continue to devise plans to get him back but nothing seems to be working. If only you knew what to do.

If this is your situation, then you are fortunate, because now you can learn exactly what to do to bring your boyfriend back into your life. Bob Grant, L.P.C., has written a powerful e-book "How Do I Get Him Back," that will show you exactly how to act, when to call and what he’s thinking while you are apart.

Follow his plan to the letter and you’ll have him back in your life, guaranteed. You can find this plan by simply by clicking here.


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